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Looking for a Welder in Greeley?

At Affiliation Welding we are a welder providing expertise in the local Greeley area. Our hometown is Greeley, CO where we provide excellent work. As a result, many companies in the area keep coming back for more services. We do mobile welding and can come to you or to your site location. All in all, customer service and high-quality work are our specialty.

What is Welding

From the handrails we use to the benches we sit on, welding is all around us. Therefore, welding is an important part to making our lives’ better.

An accurate welding definition is the act of using a specific process and skill to join materials together. In addition, fusion is the goal of welding. Fusion is the process of making two separate things one entity. We achieve fusion by melting the materials of same compositions and same melting points. Once this happens, the material is then cooled and hardened to form one part that is more useful.

In welding, we can join together pieces of metal, plastic, or other materials by using heat as a catalyst. Ultimately, the heat acts as a catalyst that causes a fusion between these pieces. Heat sources used for welding can include a blow torch, electric arc, or just friction.

What a Welder Can Do

Because of the many uses of welding, there are many different types of welding. At Affiliation Welding, we focus on plastic welding and metal welding in Greeley and Denver.

Since, there are so many things that can be welded, we want to give you a good idea of what can be accomplished through a good welder. Therefore, the following are examples of what can be accomplished with welding:

  • Metal or plastic shelving can be used and constructed for a retail store
  • For a business that wants a unique look, they might want a custom made sign for their location
  • A custom fence is built through welding for a local farm
  • An apartment building needs a custom railing for their courtyard
  • A local lab needs plastic welding for some of their lab equipment
  • The bar wants a custom countertop to be welded to give it a custom look
  • A family wants a custom wheelchair ramp to be built for them using welding

Have an idea? Many more can be accomplished with a professional welder.

Finding that Professional Welder Near You

Affiliation Welding is a professional welder near Greeley. We focus on high-quality work and great customer service. Through this approach we have had many happy customers. However, not all welders are created equal.

Hence, to find a true professional welder near you, I suggest doing the following:

  1. Find someone trusted- Look at their online reviews or ask someone you trust to refer you a quality welder
  2. Ask them the important questions- Don’t be afraid to ask the welder if they have experience working with the exact material you are using for your project. They don’t always have this experience, but it’s important if they are honest and straightforward.
  3. Have a welder who will teach- Building on honesty, you need someone who will tell you what they can do and how to best accomplish your project. If they are honest and can teach you, this will go along way with building a good work relationship. Also, this will make things go much smoother.
  4. Find a true professional- Regardless of the task or weld job, things will go much smoother with a competent professional. Above all, you need someone that will be focused on the work at hand, giving you great results, while also being a professional. Your welder might be a bit dirty or greasy, but he can always give you a smile while working hard.

If you are looking for a professional welder in Greeley, give us a ring. You can contact us and we will be glad to discuss your project.

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