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At Affiliation Welding, we focus on giving our customers an option for a high-quality welder in Denver. Welding plays a key part in most of the metal and plastic fabrication processes. We offer a range of options to fit your needs. Whether you need a job completed from our shop, your shop, or on location we have you covered. Our clients are always satisfied. Customer service and excellent welding is our specialty.

welder denver

What is Welding

Most of the things we use in our daily lives are welded or made by equipment that is welded. From the benches we sit on at the park, to the hand rails we use to get up the stairs, welding is all around us.

An accurate welding definition is the joining together of parts or pieces of metal, plastic, or other materials by using heat as a catalyst and ultimately causing a fusion between two or more pieces of material.  Some heat sources for welding are a blow torch, electric arc, or just friction.

Welding can be seen as the act of using a specific process and skill to join materials together. The fusion is goal of welding.

Welding is important because in joining pieces of materials together, we can make more useful applications of these parts. When combined together and designed for specific purposes, manufacturing processes are improved, products can be made, and people can benefit immensely.

welder denver

Types of Welding

Even though there are over 30 different types of welding, here are just a few that you should know here:

  1. MIG Welding (GMAW)- Is one of the most common processes were a continuous solid wire electrode is fed through a welding gun. As the wire is extended to the workpiece an arc is created. This arc will produce the heat that melts the base metal and at the same time continuously adds the filler wire into the molten weld pool. As this is taking place (typically) pre and post gas flows over to protect the weld from oxidation and contaminates in the air.
  2. TIG Welding (GTAW)- is a process that uses a tungsten electrode to create an electric arc between the torch and work pieces. The heat that is produced melts the base metals as, very commonly, a filler rod of the same composition is fed manually by the welder into the molten pool and distributes additional metal into the puddle. Much like MIG welding, this process uses gas to shield the molten metal from oxidation and contamination while it cools.
  3. Stick Welding (SMAW)- Stick welding is a manual welding process that utilizes a consumable rod electrode covered in flux. The rod itself will arc on the work piece and create heat, melting the rod and distributing filler metal into the weld pool. This flux on the rod acts as a shield to protect the metal from oxidation and contamination as the weld metal cools. In addition, flux can have many more properties. For example, it can act as a flowing agent, cleaning agent or it may have substances added to create a more stable arc.
  4. Flux-Cored Welding (FCAW)- Flux cored arc welding is very similar to GMAW, the difference is the wire and we don’t use gas to shield the weld. In flux core arc welding we use a tubular wire electrode with a flux filled inner core. This flux as the arc is created and the metal melting will start to react with the heat and rise to the outside of the weld cleaning and protecting the weld from oxidation and contamination in the air. A variant of this process is dual shield flux core. This process adds gas to the hollow flux filled wire.
welder denver

Examples of Welded Products

At Affiliation Welding we specialize in plastic welding and metal welding, but in addition to those the Most common materials in welding metal are aluminum, high-medium carbon steel, and stainless steel.

Most common materials from my experience in plastic are HDPE, Polypropylene, ABS, and PVC.

From these different materials a considerable amount of various finished products that can be created through welding. A list of just a few of these are as follows:

  • Shelving
  • Signs
  • Canopies and pergolas
  • Custom fences
  • Gates
  • Railings
  • Tubs/tanks
  • Clean room equipment/lab equipment
  • Environmental chambers
  • Tools
  • Appliances
  • Metal animal sculptures
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Metal brackets
  • Serving bar
  • Custom furniture
  • Industrial coffee table
welder denver

How to Spot a Good Weld from a Bad Weld

Since there is more to welding than just melting two materials together, for a weld to be a good weld it should be of both quality and strength. Having a bad weld will present is a sign of poor craftsmanship and can cause safety risks. Because most products of a finished welding job combine many different welds, it’s very important to have good welds.

welder denver

Some welds may vary depending on the material, the welding process, or simply a function of the part or thing that is being welded. A bad weld can generally be spotted by a visual inspection. These welds may be very thin or very bulgy. Another sign could be a lack of fusion or undercutting on the base material. Any weld with a crack or a general lack of uniformity should be called into question and looked over.

In contrast the signs of a good weld will generally include some of the following depending on the material welded. The weld should have uniform width, it should be smooth looking, and ideally it should be straight. The weld should have zero porosity and excellent penetration.

When on the lookout for a good versus bad weld, just make sure that you look thoroughly at the weld. Make sure it looks solid and will hold together considering the material and the forces it will need to withstand. Beyond making sure the weld is good, ensure you are always working with a quality professional welder. What’s most important is ensuring that your chosen welder takes his time and does high quality work. If you can trust them and know that he is a professional who will make sure the job is done right, you can spend less time looking for good versus bad welds.

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Alex is great at his craft & is not afraid to think outside the box to make your idea come to life!
Jarod Kessler
Jarod Kessler
Alex does an incredible job with an amazing eye for detail. He goes above and beyond to make sure his customers are satisfied. Highly recommend him for any of you welding needs and will continue to use him for subcontracting out metal jobs. Did a killer job on my exhaust for my truck as well. Cherry!!
Shamrocks Zj
Shamrocks Zj
Very knowledgeable and quick to respond 100% recommend to anyone needing any welding work done.
J. Janssen
J. Janssen
Alex did awesome work welding some rock sliders on my truck. Worked with my schedule and made sure the job was done correctly. Welds look amazing and sliders are straight and solid! Will be going back to him for more custom work for the truck in the future!!
Was able to make modifications to my trailer same day! Great quality and respectful. Price was very reasonable as well. I recommend all the way. Appreciate the work!
Eric Fitzsimons
Eric Fitzsimons
Alex with Affiliation Welding worked directly for me for about 6 years before starting his own company. He proved himself over and over so I promoted him to head up my fabrication facility. He has done a great job for me as a welder both in metal and plastic on countless projects over the last many years. He always treated my customers, other employees and myself with utmost respect and honor. He is straight forward to work with and will tell you when a job is not a good fit. Few people could I recommend more highly to work with. He continues to do work for me on a consistent basis.
Colorado Plastics
Colorado Plastics
Alex does excellent work, on schedule, at the bid price. We rely on him here at Colorado Plastics to help us provide hot plastic welded work to some very demanding customers; and he always comes through.

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