plastic fabrication case study

Plastic Fabrication Case Study

Affiliation Welding has experience with many plastic fabrication jobs over the past few years. However, one recent job is a very clear indication of the quality of work done and just how much we enjoy working with our customers. 

Recently a new laboratory moved into the front range of Colorado. This company acquired a facility and started renovating the site for their operations. The lab would need new Plastic Fabrication in Denver for some renovations that they were doing.

A contact of this laboratory and a contractor we were connected with, contacted Affiliation Welding and asked if we could take the lead on this project, we gratefully accepted.

This company needed new equipment for their changing rooms. This is where their employees would prepare for the work needed to be done in the lab. The changing rooms did not have an adequate existing place for the clean garments to be stored. For this lab, employees would have to change into their lab gowns and place their shoes in outdated and old storage cubbies. 

plastic fabrication

The existing equipment was outdated and would not accommodate the vision that the facility manager had for the new and improved area. This was the purpose for starting from scratch and developing the right equipment that would work efficiently, look professional, and last for years to come. Affiliation Welding was about to go to work on the facility manager’s vision. 

Getting the Project Started

In the initial meeting, Affiliation met with the project manager and the facilities manager to capture the scope of the project. Fortunately, the lab already had existing shoe cubbies installed so we could go over the changes for new and improved cubbies. In addition, we would go over the start of the development of brand new gowning cabinets used to store the clothing and lab coats.

Working with plastic, Affiliation Welding prides itself in the work done for our customers.
In this picture you can see the slots we machined to make fit up a lot easier, this saved Affiliation many hours of fabrication.

At this point in the project we start the designing process. Affiliation started by creating the initial 3D model designs for the new cubbies and gowning cabinets. The first round of designing was to capture the general design. After the first round of designs were finished Affiliation worked with the project manager to refine the design and make changes.

This required a trip to the site to take measurements. Affiliation was responsible of making sure the designs adhered to the storage and space needed. The designing continued for a total of four rounds and ended with eight different designs that were finished, approved and ready for manufacturing and plastic welding.

plastic fabrication case study
Before welding this is what the slotted pieces looked like after fit up. As you can see, the unit is built to handle a lot of weight because of the geometry.
plastic case study

In this step we would also discussed the use of stainless steel hardware and polycarbonate for the windows on the gown cabinets. This is no easy undertaking, the design process can take time to get exactly what the customer needs. Communication needs to be at a very high level to achieve a synonymous idea.

Quoting the Designs:

At this point we found a reliable source of material and completed the design phase of this project. We are now tasked with creating a quote for building these designs in real life. This is an equally daunting task.

plastic job denver

Quoting can be difficult on many levels, but it is absolutely crucial that time be spent capturing all the cost and time involved without adding extra cost into the project. Affiliation wants to bring high quality standards to the market without being unreasonable.

We always want the exchange between Affiliation and the customer to be a win/win scenario. Once we have compiled our cost and time we sent out the quote and awaited for the word. The project manager called Affiliation and mentioned this project would need to be done within the month. This was a shock to say the least but we were up to the challenge. 

plastic fabrication case study

Our material was two weeks out at this time and machines had work previously scheduled for weeks. We relayed we would do our best to meet the deadline but this depended on if we could get the approval on our quote. As it works out the project was delayed and we did not hear back from the project manager for a couple of weeks.

Upon accepting our proposal, we ordered the materials. This included polypropylene, polycarbonate, and hardware. Additionally we needed to produce the files needed to run the cnc equipment we would be using to complete the machining. Now it was time to get to work.

Getting to Work

Finally, it is time for manufacturing, this is a fast paced and very focused part of the project. Every part and finished piece needs to be built to the specifications while obeying the tolerances set forth in the designing process.

Our steps for the process of manufacturing were:

  1. Cutting materials down into the different sizes and designed parts of each unit.
  2. Secondary machining, this would include routering edges of the material down for smooth and cut free edges.
  3. The next step in this process was fitting the pieces up and welding them into place.
  4. For the gowning bins, this step would be applying the polycarbonate windows on the front of the units.
  5. Finally, we would go over each unit checking for sharp edges and checking dimensions for quality purposes. Thermoplastics have a tendency to warp when heat is applied, this can knock certain measurements out of spec.
plastic fabricator denver

Delivering the Finished Goods

plastic fabrication case study

The most rewarding part of any project is delivering on time and giving the customer what the needed. Before we got it to them, we had to package everything real tight and made sure the finished product was safe for transport.

plastic fabrication denver

We wrapped the equipment in plastic tightly to ensure no damage would take place. There was extra care taken to make sure this last process went smoothly.

plastic fabrication

Then Affiliation drove it all the way to the lab. Affiliation was able to take this project from concept to tangible products, we ended our journey at a loading dock. We delivered the product completely wrapped and loaded to protect the items as they were unloaded on time and with no problems.

When we went to go see it, the equipment looked amazing! The contractors at Sun did the install, but when we saw them at the lab we were very pleased. 

In addition, the lab was also happy with the finished product. Everything was reported that the equipment is up to par, looks great, and is working exactly how they wanted it to. The lab is finally meeting the vision of the laboratory manager and we couldn’t be happier.

Being able to see the before and after was very cool. The space was well utilized and will serve the purpose it was designed for. In addition, it will last for years to come. A special thanks goes to Colorado Plastics for providing the space and helping Affiliation complete this project. Another job finished and a happy customer.

Plastic welding Denver
finished plastic fabrication
finished plastic fabrication

If you are looking for someone to help you with your plastic projects, contact us on the form below and we can help you out. 

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Alex is great at his craft & is not afraid to think outside the box to make your idea come to life!
Jarod Kessler
Jarod Kessler
Alex does an incredible job with an amazing eye for detail. He goes above and beyond to make sure his customers are satisfied. Highly recommend him for any of you welding needs and will continue to use him for subcontracting out metal jobs. Did a killer job on my exhaust for my truck as well. Cherry!!
Shamrocks Zj
Shamrocks Zj
Very knowledgeable and quick to respond 100% recommend to anyone needing any welding work done.
J. Janssen
J. Janssen
Alex did awesome work welding some rock sliders on my truck. Worked with my schedule and made sure the job was done correctly. Welds look amazing and sliders are straight and solid! Will be going back to him for more custom work for the truck in the future!!
Was able to make modifications to my trailer same day! Great quality and respectful. Price was very reasonable as well. I recommend all the way. Appreciate the work!
Eric Fitzsimons
Eric Fitzsimons
Alex with Affiliation Welding worked directly for me for about 6 years before starting his own company. He proved himself over and over so I promoted him to head up my fabrication facility. He has done a great job for me as a welder both in metal and plastic on countless projects over the last many years. He always treated my customers, other employees and myself with utmost respect and honor. He is straight forward to work with and will tell you when a job is not a good fit. Few people could I recommend more highly to work with. He continues to do work for me on a consistent basis.
Colorado Plastics
Colorado Plastics
Alex does excellent work, on schedule, at the bid price. We rely on him here at Colorado Plastics to help us provide hot plastic welded work to some very demanding customers; and he always comes through.

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