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Are You Looking For A Pergola in Denver?

Affiliation Welding does custom pergola design and installation in Denver. If you are considering a custom overhead pergola structure or something even more detailed, we can build the pergola you are looking for fitting your standards. Other Denver homeowners have been delighted by our work and we would enjoy creating something great for you as well.

We can even create a custom pergola style carport for those vehicles that need cover during the heat of the day, while keeping up with curb appeal.

pergola denver

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is generally an archway in a garden, park, or backyard of a home. This structure is an outdoor garden feature that can create an outdoor shaded area for sitting, privacy, decoration or aesthetic appeal. The origin of the word is late Latin “pergula” which refers to a projecting eave.

Accordingly, pergolas offer a high class design for your backyard or garden. Most commonly they are used above outdoor seated areas used for visiting. Recently, pergolas seem to have grown in popularity and their designs can be stunning. A pergola is generally a very simple structure, but with a good design and a few additions, they can make an incredible addition to a backyard or garden.

Likewise, some people weave plants or lighting throughout a pergola for decoration. Sometimes covering a pergola in plants or wood vine can make an excellent design feature. Additionally, other accessories for a pergola can include canopies, canvasses, shading, and privacy walls. A pergola can be made of wood, metal, aluminum, or iron. At Affiliation Welding, we specialize in metal pergolas.

Pergola Designs

Because of recent creativity and growth of pergolas, there are many more great options in pergola design. For choosing your design, we recommend checking out several sites for ideas and choosing the best design for you. Many designs have a lattice feature on top, giving some way to sunlight. Others have complete coverings and can be designed with wood or a canopy covering depending on your choice in design.

Firstly, you will want to have your design in mind. Consequently, having your design will give us an excellent place to start from. Then, you can work with your builder to create any adjustments to your design. One of the great things about working with Affiliation, is that we are highly skilled in design and can help you with any of these adjustments to get the pergola design just right for you.

Thereafter, you will want to have your area and materials picked out. Working with your builder you can decide what materials will be best. You will also want to make sure to consider what weather conditions the pergola will have to withstand and what other aesthetic features you may want, such as shade, functionality, or ease of use.

Pergola Installers Near Me

Affiliation Welding is a pergola installer in Denver, CO area. We can build and install your pergola to your designs. Specifically, we work in metal pergolas for both residences and businesses. Undeniably, a new pergola adds tremendous aesthetic appeal to your home, garden, or backyard. When choosing a pergola installer near you, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Find a pergola installer who is good at design work- this is a high value structure, you will want a builder who can get these designs right and who knows exactly how to build from your designs so that you get the pergola you want.
  • Find a pergola installer who is experienced- make sure your installer has put together good work in the past. Looking at some of their finished product should both give you confidence and excitement in working with that pergola installer.
  • Find a pergola installer who you will work well with- Affiliation prides itself on our customers having a great experience and being thoroughly satisfied with a job well done. You should find a pergola installer that really takes pride in their work.

If you’re looking for a pergola installer near you and you’re in the greater Denver area, consider Affiliation Welding. We will be glad to hear about your project, talk about your ideas, and give you a quote. You can contact us in the form below and we would love to hear from you.

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