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Welding & Fabrication Services

What we offer

Affiliation Welding & Fabrication Services can provide a tailored service that gives the customer flexibility. Whether you need a quick fix or a partner that can come to your shop and provide expertise in welding and fabrication, we will help keep you moving forward. 

Our services include designing, prototyping, repairs, testing, custom builds and full production runs. We offer consultation on every job because communication is key to getting it done right the first time!

Welding processes include:

  1. Gas metal arc welding
  2. Flux core arc welding (including duel shield)
  3. Gas tungsten arc welding
  4. Shield metal arc welding 

Certified welder d1.1

Fabrication Services include:

  1. Grinding
  2. Cutting
  3. Bending


  1. Mild steel (A36)
  2. Stainless steel
  3. Aluminum
  4. Cast Iron

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Based on 9 reviews.
Alex is great at his craft & is not afraid to think outside the box to make your idea come to life!
Jarod Kessler
Jarod Kessler
Alex does an incredible job with an amazing eye for detail. He goes above and beyond to make sure his customers are satisfied. Highly recommend him for any of you welding needs and will continue to use him for subcontracting out metal jobs. Did a killer job on my exhaust for my truck as well. Cherry!!
Shamrocks Zj
Shamrocks Zj
Very knowledgeable and quick to respond 100% recommend to anyone needing any welding work done.
J. Janssen
J. Janssen
Alex did awesome work welding some rock sliders on my truck. Worked with my schedule and made sure the job was done correctly. Welds look amazing and sliders are straight and solid! Will be going back to him for more custom work for the truck in the future!!
Was able to make modifications to my trailer same day! Great quality and respectful. Price was very reasonable as well. I recommend all the way. Appreciate the work!
Eric Fitzsimons
Eric Fitzsimons
Alex with Affiliation Welding worked directly for me for about 6 years before starting his own company. He proved himself over and over so I promoted him to head up my fabrication facility. He has done a great job for me as a welder both in metal and plastic on countless projects over the last many years. He always treated my customers, other employees and myself with utmost respect and honor. He is straight forward to work with and will tell you when a job is not a good fit. Few people could I recommend more highly to work with. He continues to do work for me on a consistent basis.
Colorado Plastics
Colorado Plastics
Alex does excellent work, on schedule, at the bid price. We rely on him here at Colorado Plastics to help us provide hot plastic welded work to some very demanding customers; and he always comes through.

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