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Looking for Metal Fabrication in Boulder?

Here at Affiliation Welding, we are focused on providing high quality metal fabrication in Boulder. We do mobile welding and can come to you in the local Boulder area. Our process is very simple. You can call us anytime during the week for a quote. We have many satisfied customers and enjoy building ongoing relationships with our customers.

metal fabrication boulder

What is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is a value-added process. Even more, it’s where machines, structures, parts, and equipment are built or repaired through the use of metal. The process can involve cutting, bending, and assembling processes to build the metal structures or parts. The key process we specialize in is metal welding. This is where the metal is heated and cooled to form a more useful part for a specific purpose.

Metal fabrication is an important part in many people’s lives that they may not even realize. For instance, the stairs people use or the fences they pass may have involved metal fabrication. As a result, the many applications and the growth of the last few years have helped make our lives easier.

Industries Using Metal Fabrication

Using metal to make different structures is used across various different industries for specific purposes. Similarly, it will depend on what is needed. Consequently, here are a few examples of the industries most using the fabrication process of metal:

  1. Construction- most commonly used for metal parts and equipment in construction industries. A few examples include metal stairs and railways, shelving, bridges, buildings and warehouse parts. A big part of metal fabrication is also using it on parts and processes of the company’s equipment.
  2. Aircraft and aerospace- many of the parts in building airplanes use the metal process to create and repair airplanes and other spacecrafts.
  3. Appliances and heating/cooling systems- some household appliances as well as ventilation systems have metal parts that are created through metal fabrication and can also be repaired using one of the processes.
  4. Transportation- cars, trains, and ships all have a big demand for the mending of metals. This will be a huge area of growth in the industry over the coming years.

We mostly work with businesses, but have created some amazing things with consumers and home owners as well. If it’s something that can be crafted with metal, most likely we have seen it or worked with it.

Fabricated Metal Products

Here at Affiliation, we focus mostly on metal welding. Most of our customers are in the construction industry. While we do a variety of jobs, some of our best work has been the following:

  • Shelving- we have made high-quality metal shelving for customers.
  • Signs- previous projects have included making unique metal signs for customers. These are one of a kind and will add value to your signature brand. Best of all you will get compliments from customers on them.
  • Canopies and pergolas- we create relaxing places of shade for consumer customers, or some of our business customers want a well designed canopy or pergola for their place of business.
  • Custom fences- forming metal to create a custom fence is one of our specialties. In the Boulder area we can make sure your property has a durable and safe fence surrounding your area.
  • Tools and equipment- we can fix tools and equipment for our customers. These are usually simple processes where we can fix their machines or any working tools that need to be welded.

Best Metal Fabrication Near Me

If you are looking for metal fabrication in Boulder, you have found Affiliation Welding. We specialize in metal fabrication. Our customers have been thoroughly impressed by our work. As a result, they always come back to work with us. We are your local mobile welder that wants to create great metal products with our customers.

We aim to be the best metal fabricator in Boulder and want to serve you when we can. For more information or to get a quote, contact us today.

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